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Millstone Bangert has worked on some of the largest site preparation projects in the St. Louis area.

When the St. Louis Galleria expanded in the late 1980s, Millstone Bangert did the excavation and drainage work necessary to accommodate the addition that more than doubled the size of the mall. The work had to be done in the winter and spring, less than ideal periods for grading and pipe work. It was done on-time and at budget.

The same can be said for site preparation projects at the St. Louis Marketplace in the city of St. Louis in the early 1990s and the Manchester Meadows shopping center in west St. Louis County in the mid-1990s. And then there's Fountain Lakes Commerce Center in the city of St. Charles. In the late 1990s and into this century, the company turned 450 acres of flood-plain into a mixed-use commercial development and a 150-acre city park with numerous fishing lakes and miles of walking and biking trails. Several million yards of material was removed from the what is now the lakes and used to raise the balance of the ground above the 500-year flood level. More than a million yards of sand was brought in from off-site to cap soil that was unsuitable for direct building construction.

Many miles of 9"-10" reinforced concrete streets were poured. Utilities were installed. It was transformed from flooded farm ground to flourishing commercial property. Millstone Bangert will make any project happen – no matter the time constraints, weather conditions or site issues. It is our job to bring your site to life and that's exactly what we will do.