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Over the years, Millstone Bangert has worked with various owners to re-design various projects to save the public time, money and inconvenience.

  • The St. Charles Rock Road bridge over the Metrolink tracks in Pagedale was re-designed to reduce the time worked around the tracks by nearly a year. It was also re-scheduled with Metro for the Metrolink light rail line to be shut down for a weekend to permit bridge demolition. It was the first time such a shutdown had been authorized.
  • The Lake St. Louis Boulevard bridge over I-70 was re-designed in a way that permitted it to be built in three months with minimal traffic interruption. The original design would have required six to 9 months of work with major interstate traffic impacts. The re-design also provided for a better interchange geometrics and an entirely new structure. The bid plans called for simply widening a 35-year-old bridge.
  • The Olive Boulevard and I-170 interchange was re-designed to allow for a shorter bridge and a different pavement design, potentially saving the state as much as $1 million.

These are just three examples of the Millstone Bangert way. Millstone Bangert recognizes its customers are those who travel and pay for Missouri's roads.  We don't like sitting in construction traffic. We know you don't, either.  We build roads and bridges in ways that least impact the traveling public during construction and provide an unsurpassed level of quality at the lowest possible cost. We are trying to live up to a nearly 90-year legacy of public service. We are not going to let you down.