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Airport Construction

Millstone Bangert has been a leader in airport construction since the mid 1970s. Be it for those who fly ultra-lights and bi-planes at Creve Coeur Airport or ride in 767s at Lambert St. Louis International Airport. Millstone Bangert knows that travel must go on. Projects must be as seamless as possible. To that end, the company's experience has allowed it to help re-design pavement sections and demolition types to permit projects to be completed ahead of schedule and under cost.

The company undertook a project in 2004 that called for partial removal and replacement of the sections of one of Lambert's main parallel runways over 9 weekends. The project was re-engineered to allow for total removal of replacement – including runway lights – while not impacting the schedule. As much as 5,000 cubic yards of concrete was removed and replaced between 7 p.m. Friday and 5 a.m. Monday. Not a single deadline or milestone was missed.

On an even larger scale, the Millstone Bangert teamed with Fred Weber, Inc. in 2005 to build Lambert's new $75 million runway. The project included more than 500,000 square yards of 18" concrete, tens of thousands of lights, miles of conduit and fence and hundreds of thousands of tons of material. The large majority of the work had to be built in one construction season. The job was ready several months early. The first plane landed on it three months ahead of schedule. At the same time, the company did several smaller repair and maintenance projects at Lambert - doing everything from replacing fence to building a parking facility for the Lambert's snow-removal fleet.

Millstone Bangert knows airport work and its unique aspects. Working around jets is second nature to us. Keep your head down, hat on tight and stay out of the way. Travel must go on and we're just the folks to make sure it does.